How’d You Get Your Job: Godwin Charli Co-Founder Godwin Hili

Published in Scout Jobs/Broadsheet: Godwin Hili is living proof that you can be a fashion designer sans fashion degree. In partnership with Hostplus, we find out how he made it happen.


Lunch in Melbourne with Vincent Van Gogh

Published in The F: When you’re celebrating iconic artists like Vincent Van Gogh, it’s got to be with a bang, and that’s exactly what Sofitel Melbourne On Collins set out to achieve.

Meet the Top 3% Disrupting the Freelance Industry

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As the freelance workforce continues to grow rapidly, so does the struggle for companies to find the right talent to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Considering the amount of time, effort and money required to find a good freelancer, it’s really no wonder why so many employers dread doing the task. Simply put, it’s no longer about finding a good candidate for a job, but the best candidate – one with the right experience, knowledge and skills that are specific to the needs of your project.

Cue in Toptal — an exclusive, elite network that has curated the top 3% of freelance software developers, UX/UI designers and finance experts in the world as its talent. In other words, they’re a breath of fresh air in an otherwise crowded industry, changing it for the better.

Turn Your Side Project into a Full-Time Gig: Tips from Hacking UI

Published in SitePoint:

This article is a part of a new series called Startup Spotlight, where we focus on successful entrepreneurs and emerging startups that are taking the web industry by storm.

“Success won’t happen overnight,” replies David Tintner, when asked about what advice he’d give to someone looking to turn their side project into a full-time gig.

“I speak with a lot of people who are working on side projects…that believe they will create something in a few weeks, it will explode and then make millions. This almost never happens.”

Based in Israel, David Tintner is one-half of the masterminds behind Hacking UI and Side Project Accelerator, two hugely successful projects aimed to inform, inspire and showcase the evolving world of technology. The other half of the creative duo is Sagi Shrieber, whom Tintner met when they both joined as co-founders of another startup called Moolta.

Elastic and On Demand – Why Influx Is the Solution for Customer Support

Published in SitePoint.

This article is a part of a new series called Startup Spotlight, where we focus on successful entrepreneurs and emerging startups that are taking the web industry by storm.

You need a thick skin to handle the world of customer support, especially as customers have the opportunity to seek support via phone calls, emails, social media posts, live chats and more.

It’s a lot to handle, and as these technological developments continue so does the pressure for customer support managers to answer these queries as timely and efficiently as possible.

But there are only so many queries people can handle before it grows tiresome, and because we’re all human it’s impossible for us to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, answering every question possible.

“Learn by Doing” – How Foxley Disrupted the Web Design Industry

Published in SitePoint: This article is a part of a new series called Startup Spotlight, where we focus on successful entrepreneurs and emerging startups that are taking the web industry by storm.
Despite the vast developments we’ve witnessed in technology over the years, it’s somewhat surprising (but nonetheless disheartening) that the web design industry has been left behind.
From marketing and search engine optimization to mobile usability, clients are increasingly demanding more from web designers in a push for better return on investments (ROI) from customers. Yet, web designers simply cannot accommodate these requests because they often lack the fundamental training in these areas.
The result of this is not only a soured relationship between client and designer, but the creation of a product that fails to generate any justifiable ROI.
In other words, a whole lot of wasted time.

Why the fried chicken at Clucked in Melbourne is so damn good

Published in The F: Nestled near a little corner on Carlisle Street in St Kilda, Clucked is the latest addition to join Melbourne’s bustling food and lifestyle scene.
But considering how Melbourne already seems to have everything you could ever think of (deconstructed coffee, anyone?), how does Clucked set itself apart from its competitors?
Three words: Healthy. Fried. Chicken.
Not only is their fried chicken 100% free range and boneless, it features a unique herb and spice filled breading that packs a flavour punch, yet still boasts less than 3g of fat per piece.
In other words, foodies will get to indulge in their guilty pleasures without actually feeling guilty about it at all.
Unconventional? Yes. But highly addictive? Extremely.

Kick. Start. Smart: 3 Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs to Adopt

Published in SitePoint:
For many aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s commonly assumed that the world of entrepreneurship is filled with independence, where you can be your own boss and the only thing you need is a million dollar idea that’ll change the world. The rest will fall into place.
Unfortunately, these lavish misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.
In reality, the entrepreneurial landscape is fraught with difficulties – think long hours, working seven days a week, great highs but devastating lows, plus a constant feeling of uncertainty and the looming question of “will this actually work?”.
As someone who has always been curious about the entrepreneurial lifestyle (in part because a) I’m a freelancer working on my own personal brand and b) I’m also an aspiring intrapreneur for the current company I work for), it seemed fitting that I attended the Kick. Start. Smart event in Melbourne, Australia — a conference where misconceptions are debunked and successful entrepreneurs just generally teach us how to kick ass in business.

MSFW: Peter Jackson

Published in The F: It was an explosion of colour at Peter Jackson’s first ever runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. It’s really any wonder why the collection has been entitled ‘The Tailored Escape’, having clearly drawn its inspiration on the perceptions of travel, adventure and exotic locales (not that we’re really complaining).

Family Portrait

Published in Manuscript: G-Star launches the first part of a multilayered campaign, entitled RAW Family Portrait.

A Guide To Melbourne’s Best Shirt Stores

Published in D’MARGE: Finding the perfect fitting shirt can be likened to a quest for the Holy Grail. It’s near impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing and wondering the streets topless will often render you a public hazard. It doesn’t need to be this way.