Published Works (Summary)

Published in The Trend Spotter:

  • Interview with Christopher Skyner | Founder of Authority Clothing – It looks like the street wear trend is finally getting that much needed revamp from the new kid on the block Authority Clothing, a unique label that focusses on creating an artistic extravaganza by combining fashion and street art together. Founded in 2012 and already receiving critical acclaim from international superstars such as Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger, we sit down with Creative Director Christopher Skyner and discover how the terrific brand came to be.
  • 6 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – Let’s face it, when it comes to most men, fashion isn’t exactly a top priority. However, there are certain items that even the most average Joe should have in their closet.
  • Men;s Hairstyle Trends 2014 | Celebrity Hairstyles – We believe that our hairstyles are a reflection of our individual fashion sense. It’s an unwritten rule that our outfit needs to be planned beforehand regardless of the occasion, and that goes without saying that the same should apply to our hair as well.
  • Scarves for men | Street Style Trend Inspiration – Scarves for men have been considered the most intriguing trend ever. Why? Because when you think about it, it’s literally just a simple rectangular piece of fabric.
  • Runway Trend | Blooms for Men | Floral Prints – Floral prints are a timeless trend and were once reserved exclusively for feminine tastes. However that is all starting to change, with the trend making a seamless transition to men’s fashion. Floral prints are now fast becoming a bestselling style, with major labels such as Topman and Zara producing them in vast abundance.
  • Men’s Style Trend | Denim Wear – Renowned for its flexible durability, denim took the fashion world by storm when designer Levi Strauss produced the first ever denim clothing for men and women. Still a cult favourite today, the classic look has not diminished in popularity, with major labels such as Balmain and Topman taking it back to basics by bringing back the iconic double denim wear back to style. Clearly, denim is going to be a trend that will never leave.

Published in Couturing:

  • Zhou Zhou: Drinking with a difference – It looks like Chapel Street is finally getting that much needed revamp with the new kid on the block, Zhou Zhou, an oriental drinking den with a difference.
  • The Moat: Food for thought – Generally, when you exit Melbourne Central, the first thing that comes to sight is the spectacle that is the State Library of Victoria. But because of the library’s sheer size, you may have easily missed The Moat – a café and bar making residence on Little Lonsdale Street.
  • Alleyway Wonders: Krimper Cafe – In a city that prides itself on fine dining and exquisite cafes and bars, it’s always hard for the optimistic newcomers to make their mark on Melbourne’s vibrant lifestyle. Located in a hidden alleyway of Guildford Lane, Krimper is a cafe that can be easily missed.

Published in artsHub:

Published in Universal Magazines:

(NOTE: Hard copy pieces of articles published with Universal Magazines are not featured on this portfolio. If you would like to see them, please get in contact with me here.)

Complete Wedding Magazine:

  • Arrive to your wedding in style – Make your grand entrance to your wedding one to remember forever.
  • Acing that important speech – Hints and tips for creating the perfect Best Man and Maid of Honour speech.
  • The Hens and Bucks Guide – A bachelor and bachelorette party is a rite of passage for any bride and groom. Remember these essential dos and don’ts to ensure they both make it to their wedding unscathed.

Published in Esperanto:

– Issue 3: Digital Edition (Digital Edition For Online – Esperanto)

– Issue 4: Melbourne Edition

  • The Street Life – Some life lessons from Aleczander Gamboa and a Big Issue vendor named Patrick.

– Issue 5: Journey Edition

  • Coming Out, In Four Acts – Esperanto regular Aleczander Gamboa shares his painful, arduous yet uplifting journey of self-discovery.

Published in The F: (Fashion Blogger, Writer and Contributor)

  • frocktober 2013 – Organised by Melbourne based not-for-profit group Team Get Your Frock On! , fashionistas, celebrities and independent designers gathered for the fashion extravaganza event Frocktober.
  • Tutti Interiors – Cue in Vanessa Burgemeestre and her creation, Tutti Interiors, a new business that focusses on interior design by giving your space that much needed oomph factor through the use of distinctive artworks and pieces from all around the world.
  • Sheep Shearer: The Fashionable Kind – Inspired by Australian shearing icon Johnny Howe, Sheep Shearer is the latest clothing label to hit our vibrant fashion scene.  Taking it back to basics with a collection of singlets, t-shirts and hoodies made exclusively for men, the range exudes a modern and relaxed feel with a pop of subtle colour.
  • Whitehouse’s Night In White – In order to mark 25 years of excellence and having produced some of Australia’s most successful emerging designers, the Whitehouse Institute of Design hosted “A Night in White” – a parade that celebrated the hard efforts of the Creative Direction, Fashion and Interior Design graduates as they showcased their final collections to their families, friends, and staff.
  • TOMS x Tabitha Simmons – Renowned for their combined use of exceptional materials and artful design, the collaboration with Tabitha Simmons is a first ever for the unique brand. A British Fashion Award Winner and a Vogue UK contributing editor, Tabitha Simmons is a household name, rising up to success after winning the ‘Launch of the Year Award’ back in 2009 with her first collection.
  • Toys To The World – More than 60 artists from around the country have lent their support and put their creative minds to the test as they attempted to bring unique life to each blank vinyl bear they were given.



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