Your Guide to Round Sunglasses

Featured in The Idle Man: I was interviewed by The Idle Man to provide fashion advice for men looking to invest in round sunglasses. Read the transcript here.


Escaping from Cubescape at Strike Bowling is a must

Published in The F: Interactive, intense and a fun-filled adrenaline rush. Those would be the words I’d use to describe Cubescape, Australia’s very first interactive escape room.

Kiaya Daniels Embraces Australia

Published in Manuscript: Kiaya Daniels embraces relaxed aesthetic that reflects the beauty of the Australian landscape for her spring 2017 collection.

In Conversation: Ex Infinitas

Published in Manuscript: After winning the International Woolmark Prize Australian final, we sat down with Ex Infinitas founder Lukas Vincent.

A Guide to Sydney’s Best Jeans Stores

Published in D’MARGE: When Levi Strauss created the first indigo jeans back in the 1800’s, he knew he was onto something big. Since then, the denim trend has stood the test of time, becoming an essential item in every man’s wardrobe.

A Guide to Melbourne’s Best Suit Tailors

Published in D’MARGE: One of the most important possessions in a man’s life is a tailored suit sitting pretty in the wardrobe next to prized timepieces and forgotten photographs of exes.

A Guide to Sydney’s Best Shoe Stores

Published in D’MARGE: Beautifully crafted shoes are a staple item of every man’s wardrobe. Made to exude one’s personality with the right outfit, it’s good practice to keep a collection of shoes for every occasion on your calendar.

A Guide to Melbourne’s Best Shoe Stores

Published in D’MARGE: Shoes are an absolute essential for any man. After all, the last thing we want is to spend our hard-earned cash on expensive shoes only for them to tear the next day after a sweet night out.

Gucci’s DIY Luxury

Published in Manuscript: Gucci unveils its foray into personalised fashion with a new do-it-yourself service for men and women.

10 Best Suit Shops in Melbourne, Australia

Published in D’MARGE: The relationship between a man and his suit is a sacred commodity. When put together, the two work in harmony to exude sophisticated swag fit for a magnificent bastard. Since the late 18th century, suits have remained a staple item in every man’s arsenal. This itself is a testament to its timeless consistency in transforming even the most complacent of blokes into chiselled, well-groomed gods.

10 Best Suit Shops in Sydney, Australia

Published in D’MARGE: Recently we took you guys on a walk through the best suit shops in Melbourne. This time it’s to give some love to the best suit shops in Sydney. You’ll notice some of our best suit shop entries from the Melbourne edition have made it onto this list, but of course we’ve thrown some new additions in with them. The aim of these articles is to help both the novice and seasoned suit wearer find the perfect suit regardless of budget. As finding the perfect suit is a journey often met with confusion and frustration, we’ve traversed Sydney to bring you the best suit stores available so you don’t need to.