Block Party, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2016

Published in Buzzcuts: Hot damn, the Social Studio really knows how to throw a party. In partnership with Northside Records and Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program, the Peel Street Block Party was back and better than ever as it celebrated fashion, art and music in one stunning spectacle.


Courtyard Cantina, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2016

Published in Buzzcuts: Located at Melbourne’s iconic Immigration Museum, the Courtyard Cantina was a spectacular celebration of culture, art, and diversity. With a vast array of live music, fantastic food and good conversation, the event was a cultural feast that showcased how far Melbourne has come in terms of accepting different cultures with open arms – an atmosphere well suited to its name of ‘Cantina’ which means ‘for anybody’.

Rule of Thirds, Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2016

Published in Buzzcuts: Hosted by Chunky Move, Rule of Thirds is an incredibly intricate performance that celebrates the perseverance and courage to reinvent oneself in the face of self-doubt. The piece is the third and final part of Chunky Move’s Embodiment series – a trilogy of interventions between dancers, a movement score and a chosen site.

Desperately Young At Heart, MFF 2014

Outrageously original and hilarious, Desperately Young At Heart is a performance spectacle that will leave you giddy with happiness long after you have seen it.

Jealousy, MIFF 2014

Presented with a bleak black-and-white palette, Philippe Garrel’s latest feature film Jealousy is rather bleak, pushing us to the limit as we patiently wait for any defining moments or major character developments.

Cheatin’, MIFF 2014

Published in Buzzcuts, as part of the 2014 Melbourne International Film Festival. Renowned for his animated shorts, documentaries and music videos, legendary animator Bill Plympton is back in action with Cheatin’, his first animation feature in five years. Funded by Kickstarter and completely hand drawn by Plympton himself, the animated feature introduces the audience to…