Why the fried chicken at Clucked in Melbourne is so damn good

Published in The F:

Nestled near a little corner on Carlisle Street in St Kilda, Clucked is the latest addition to join Melbourne’s bustling food and lifestyle scene.

But considering how Melbourne already seems to have everything you could ever think of (deconstructed coffee, anyone?), how does Clucked set itself apart from its competitors?

Three words: Healthy. Fried. Chicken.

Not only is their fried chicken 100% free range and boneless, it features a unique herb and spice filled breading that packs a flavour punch, yet still boasts less than 3g of fat per piece.

In other words, foodies will get to indulge in their guilty pleasures without actually feeling guilty about it at all.

Unconventional? Yes. But highly addictive? Extremely.

To top it all off, Clucked is a family run business through and through, from its owners to the recipes themselves. It all started in 1990, when the father of two young St Kilda boys created a unique recipe that become the source of lasting memories. Fast forward to now, and the recipe has been passed down and perfected in the Clucked kitchen, ready for the rest of Melbourne to experience and enjoy.

Upon trying the signature dishes ourselves, we were immediately attuned to the tender texture of the chicken and its subtle smoky flavour. The flavour punch doesn’t immediately hit your tastebuds, but when it does (in about two to three seconds of consuming), you’re transported to foodie heaven.

Pair that with their incredible house-made chips that features their own bespoke blend of salt, along with their nutritious fresh salads, and you’ve got yourself a winning trifecta that wonderfully contrasts each other.

It’s also the perfect place to hit during the Summer as well, when we’re all aiming for that beach perfect body but don’t want to sacrifice indulging in great tasting food.

All in all, Clucked is a welcome addition to Melbourne’s food and lifestyle scene, packing a whole lot of TLC – tender, love and chicken.

Credit: Clucked
Credit: Clucked

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