Burlesque just hit a new level with the latest Burly Q production

Published in The F:

It’s sexy, it’s steamy, and oh so naughty.

Produced by Miss Burlesque Australia 2011, Sina King, the Burly Q Club will ignite your senses as it transports you back to the days of early American burlesque.


And with performer names like Human Heatwave, Black Venus, Peaches and more, you just know you’re going to be in for a real treat.

The dinner theatre show was part burlesque, part comedy, and part circus, with a seamless transition from playful fun to sexy sensuality. Producer Sina King certainly brought the magic to her show when she plays with a (real) snake during her performance, exuding several oohs and ahhs from the audiences as they stared in shock and wonder.

But it didn’t stop there, because the atmosphere became very hot and heavy as Bray Beunrostro and Miss Kopalova explored a touch of BDSM as they embraced their sexual lust with mind blowing acrobatics and positions that I’ll remember for years to come.


Meanwhile, Aurora Kirth provided the show with a much-needed balance of comedic wittiness, filling the gaps between performances with playful banter with the audience, sexual innuendos and downright blatant honesty.

To top things off, the ending was certainly an eye-opening spectacle which is, let’s just say, revealing, to say the least. Take that statement as you will.

Overall, the Burly Q Club was an exquisite journey into the exciting world of Burlesque and how far it has evolved since its humble beginnings in the 1860’s. It’s definitely a show that has to be seen to be believed, or as Aurora Kirth aptly puts it, “strangers you arrive and lovers you shall leave.”





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