Escaping from Cubescape at Strike Bowling is a must

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Interactive, intense and a fun-filled adrenaline rush.

Those would be the words I’d use to describe Cubescape, Australia’s very first interactive escape room.

Cubescape at Strike Bowling


Like other escape rooms, it follows the usual structure of being stuck in a small room where you and your team will have a limited amount of time to find your way out. But in order to escape successfully, everyone needs to work together to find hidden objects, crack clues and ultimately beat the clock. Your score will be determined on how fast you work, how many clues you needed (or didn’t) and each individual’s level of contribution to the task.

But this is where it really gets interesting…the twist is that the escape room is tailored to your skill level as the game progresses. If your team is struggling to crack the clues, the room drops little hints here and there to help you out. But if you’re doing well, it cranks up the difficulty.

Before you start you’re blindfolded while wearing lab coats as you are escorted to the escape room. The room then briefs you on the storyline – your mission is to get a system back up and running before it basically explodes (no pressure…), after it has been sabotaged by a disgruntled ex-employee. You only have one hour to solve the puzzle so it’s all hands on deck from the get-go.

Cubescape at Strike Bowling

To say that teamwork was imperative for this is quite the understatement. A lot of the time my group and I were running around like headless chicken as we attempted to frantically find and solve every puzzle we could. It felt somewhat reminiscent of perhaps a scientic, less grotesque version of Saw, especially with all the loud sounds and alerts we experienced as we ran out of time. Safe to say, we failed in spectacular fashion.

On that note, my hint for anyone who attempts this is remember that sometimes less is more, and strategise your methods logically rather than creatively.

Cubescape is now open at Strike Melbourne Central, so grab your friends and test your wits against the odds.

Cubescape at Strike Bowling

Cubescape at Strike Bowling

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