City Beach and Futurewood decking: the perfect fit

Copywriting for advertisement in Backyard Magazine:

City Beach and Futurewood decking: the perfect fit

With breathtaking views overlooking the Indian Ocean, City Beach is a treasured gem in Perth whether you’re a local or newcomer to the area. It’s clean, crisp air and laidback vibes make it the perfect destination for families to unwind, relax and spend quality time together.

But with any beach, the area is prone to harsh weather conditions that can weaken material over time. It’s essential that home and business owners consider this, and pick a decking that can withstand harsh environments as the designers of the new City Beach Surf Club did when they chose Futurewood CleverDeck as their low maintenance decking for this project.

Futurewood’s composite decking and cladding eliminates this problem with ease, without the hassles of constant maintenance. Made from 90 percent recycled material, our composite decking and cladding products are low-maintenance – they will not rot, split or cup and do not require oiling or painting, ensuring your home or business stays in tip top shape all day, every day.

The low-maintenance of our decking materials minimises regular upkeep, helping keep costs in check so you can spend your money on the better things in life like creating fond memories at a place like City Beach without worrying about the state of your decking.

Futurewood’s durable and low-maintenance decking means you can spend more time embracing your other life interests and pleasures. Hopefully you have more time to go to the beach and take a lovely stroll with the kids on the boardwalk, or kick-start your day with a morning picnic. Or maybe you prefer to just kick back and while away the hours with friends at a beachside café/bar or restaurant.

Futurewood is a specialist provider of quality composite decking, cladding and fencing materials. Our decking is the perfect fit for those tough jobs that require extensive durability and longevity without the trouble of regular maintenance.

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