In case you missed: Opening Event

Published in Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival INDETAIL*:

If stereotypes are to be believed, the world of fashion is a cutthroat industry where everyone is competing for the most attention while the blood, sweat and tears flow like free appetisers at a launch party.

Despite these adopted assumptions, the actual truth is that fashion thrives on collaboration and mentorship. Fashionistas understand the struggles of one another, and so often come together in unity as the rest of the world continues to criticise their passion for frocks.

Thus it seemed fitting for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival to showcase their finest looks for the Opening Event Presented by David Jones and Supported by VogueAustralia, where the fashion crowds together celebrated their passion for creative art and became a testament against the age old notion that we all want to rip each other’s throats out of spite and jealousy.

The show was an eclectic spectacle of stunning sophistication – a radiating technicolour display of bold bright colours infused with the darker hues of black and blue. It was as if we were observing a chameleon in its natural habitat, changing colours just as fast as the clothes were coming down the runway.

Melbourne based label Jack London educated us about the British and European rocker scene during the 1960’s – narrow trousers, glitter blazers, and leather jackets were rebellious chic as it combined a rock and roll attitude with classic sophisticated tailoring. Meanwhile, satin silk in popping colours of red, blue and green from Camilla & Marc, Bec & Bridge, and Bianca Spender respectively provided excellent contrast against the more grungy looks in the show. Victoria & Woods, Bassike, and Jac & Jack displayed a combination of loose but straight tailored textures in the form of subtle knits and slouch pants – iconic staples essential for Australia’s winter season.

Overall, the Opening Event Presented by David Jones and Supported by Vogue Australia was a journey from fierce formality to cutting edge sublime simplicity, all imbued with a classy complexity that made it difficult to not to be enraptured by the ravishing beauty each outfit presented. But to the trained fashion eye, across all collections showcased, it seems the fashion gods have spoken – navy, cream, tassels, lace and sandy hues are set to be all the craze this autumn and winter season.

Aleczander Gamboa is a finalist in the Festival’s Fashion Writing Series as part of the 2016 Cultural Program. To view Aleczander’s portfolio, click here.

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