Kryolan celebrates 70 years in the biz

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When you’ve had a horrific history of acne during the good old pubescent years and constantly suffer from an uneven skin tone, wearing makeup is just about the only thing that’ll get you out of the house.

So for those reasons, and despite what society says, yes I’m a guy and yes I use makeup. Not a whole arsenal of products, but just enough to achieve a universal skin tone with medium coverage.

One such brand that I have come to love is Kryolan, a brand that specialises in high-end makeup for television and theatre. They have everything a makeup enthusiast could ever want – from concealers, foundations and primers and more general skincare lines.

Kryolan previously held an intimate gathering of beauty gurus to celebrate 70 years in the business, with demonstrations of the Kryolan products (and there are A LOT of products) from Australian makeup artist Becca Gilmartin who has worked with the likes of Dannii Minogue, Sarah Blasko and Missy Higgins to name a few.


Much to our delight, attendees on the night were also rewarded with specialty products from the brand. I received their Makeup Blend, Ultra Foundation Trio and Concealer Palette.

So obviously the first thing I did when I got home was test these babies out.

The Makeup blend is a primer that is perfect if your skin has a habit of developing an unbearable shine as the day progresses. It not only has a matte finish, but extends the longevity of makeup as well. Applying it on my skin created a velvety surface and low and behold, it instantly removed any shine my skin was having. Men’s skin tends to produce more oil, so this is a godsend for any guy that hates to look shiny in his T-zone.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Foundation Trio and concealer palette has everything you want in a great foundation – excellent coverage, strong pigment, but without the heavy or cakey feel. Upon using them, it feels a little thick to begin with but after blending it into skin the foundation feels so lightweight it’s like I have nothing on.

After trying the products I’d say it’s quite clear why this brand has stayed strong for so long, mainly because every single product they have is so damn good. In my books, it’s Holy Grail material.

As the good old saying goes, if you want to succeed you need to put your best face forward – and Kryolan helps you achieve that to a tee.

For more information about Kryolan, check them out here.


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