Be One With Gravity

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It’s like floating in mid air.

That was my first reaction when I tried out the Gravity Float, a revolutionary new tool to assist in relaxation and recovery from life’s daily stresses. As a general overview, you’re inside a pod for an hour or two where you effortlessly float in water.

I’ll admit that there have been many times when balancing full time university, part time work along with freelance projects have taken its toll on me. When the workload increases, so do my stress levels. So when the Gravity Floatation Centre offered me to try the Gravity Float, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Otherwise known as floatation therapy, the pod helps you achieve blissful tranquillity by eliminating your five senses. In other words, your senses are completely shut off as you become enshrouded by complete darkness in the pod. The outside world no longer exists, and it feels like you’re suspended in gravity where time and space are irrelevant.

Before I embarked on this experience, one of my biggest fears was falling asleep in the water and subsequently drowning as a result. But that’s next to impossible due to the highly concentrated Epsom salt solution (a whopping 700kgs of magnesium sulphate to be exact), which acts as the main floating mechanism and stimulates vibrant energy to remove tension in your body.

In regards to the centre itself, it proudly boasts 6 stunning rooms, all equipped with a single pod and shower facilities. You’ve got a whole room to yourself and when you go first inside the pod, calming music is played for the first 10 minutes to get you in the mood. It’s when the music is seamlessly replaced by silence that the true relaxation begins.

When I finished with the pod, all the tension in my muscles was gone and I felt like a new man. Such is the power of the Gravity Float, and I even like to think I reached some sort of enlightenment during the process. In short, it’s a heavenly experience where you can feel rather than think as you disconnect from society.

To book your own session, check out their site here.

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