Good Apparel, That’s a Fact

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Established in 2014, Fact Apparel is the latest brand to hit Melbourne’s bustling fashion scene. With the intention of paying homage to Melbourne’s iconic imagery of graffiti walls and café laneways, the collection takes it back to basics with an intimate selection of t-shirts that exude a relaxed and cultured feel.

True to its Melbourne roots, the label certainly started with a bang by celebrating its official launch at Alumbra. Filled with good old RNB music from DJ Bobby Love, a carefree ambience and endless amounts of alcohol, the night was an electrifying experience that provided those rare moments of absolute clarity where we could feel, rather than think.

And to make things even sweeter, nothing gets a brand greater attention than a fun back story. Originally named dead2tee, creative duo Taulant Javori and Adrian Lizza had always dreamed of starting up their own clothing company since the tender years of high school, but due to work, university and other commitments the brand never really came into fruition.

That was until an inspiring trip to Europe reignited their dreams in fashion and Francis Di Tanno and Anthony Sassano joined the creative team. It was from then on that the brand really took off – plans were put in place, graphic designs were developed, and Fact Apparel was finally given fruition.

“If you ask our friends or family about it they’ll tell you that we’re the last people they would have thought to start up an apparel company, as our backgrounds are all in varied fields far away from clothing,” Creative Director Taulant Javori said.

“But that’s just it – we bonded together and used our strong points to make ourselves an asset and a formidable force in already competitive market.”

With such an intriguing creative angle, a diverse team, and room for potential growth, it’ll be interesting to see the different heights this label might achieve, especially considering how competitive the fashion market can be.

For more information about the brand, check out their site.

Fact Apparel 1

Fact Apparel 2

Fact Apparel 3

Fact Apparel 4


Fact Apparel 7

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