Tag Heuer Summer Party

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By Aleczander Gamboa.

Hot damn, Tag Heuer really knows how to throw a party.

In spectacular fashion, Swiss brand Tag Heuer brought in the likes of tennis superstar Maria Sharapova and local Melburnian DJ duo from Fitzroy, NERVO to celebrate Melbourne’s summer sunshine. On the night they were also announced as the brands first ever Australian TAG Heuer ambassadors, joining Maria Sharapova as a part of the family.

The social media hashtag for the night, #dontcrackunderpressure, is reminiscent of Tag Heuer’s award winning advertising campaigns that have embodied their strong identity with sports and luxury.

The night was filled with electrifying music, shiny confetti and unlimited drinks, the atmosphere indeed abuzz with laughter and happiness. But the cheering (and the camera phones) went stratospheric when the tennis legend herself went for a shuffle on the decks with the famous DJ sisters.

And of course, let’s not forget the Tag Heuer models on the night, who were all absolutely flawless. It’s clear that Tag Heuer wanted to launch into 2015 with a bang, and boy did they please. This is going to be a party many will be talking about for a very long time.

For more information about Tag Heuer, check out their site.

TAG HEUER Summer Party_APL Photography_1_Maria Sharapova

TAG HEUER Summer Party_APL Photography_10_Ambassadors

TAG HEUER Summer Party_APL Photography_13_Ambassadors



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