Theatre Review – Passion

Published in The Australia Times – December issue:

Hauntingly bold and beautiful, Stephen Sonheim’s Passion is a theatrical masterpiece filled with melodrama and operatic music.

Hailed by The New York Times as an “exquisite” performance, the play depicts the story of Giorgio, a passionate man who is separated from his beloved – but married –mistress Clara, when he takes on an extended duty as an army captain. He is forced to re-evaluate his beliefs on life and love when he becomes the object of the unrelenting passions of his Colonel’s withered, ordinary cousin Fosca.

Indeed, the play was not only bold but beautiful, and surprisingly raw and erotic as it explored the darker facets of love and passion. Fosca’s obsession with Giorgio borders on absolute insanity as she continuously stalks and manipulates him and while at times it can be playful and fun, the lengths she goes to in order to control Giorgio is quite harrowing and downright disturbing.

But the highlight of the entire performance was definitely the music. Epic and incredibly thrilling,. It’s a sweeping and romantic score much like much of the performance itself, and perfectly complemented Sondheim’s masterpiece.



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