Hobart Hurricanes skipper George Bailey drops f-bomb live on national TV during Big Bash League

Published in the Herald Sun:

By Aleczander Gamboa

IT happens to the best of us, and usually at the worst of times.

Families watching the Big Bash League were given a surprise when Hobart Hurricanes skipper George Bailey dropped the f-bomb live on national TV.

Wearing a microphone for live broadcast of his conversations during last night’s match at Blundstone Arena, Bailey lost his cool when the visitors in teal delivered a slaughtering 10 sixes and 6-208.

As officials had trouble locating the ball, a frustrated Bailey asked: “We got a ball? Is that the end of the innings then? Are they declaring?” before adding “f*** me” just seconds later, forgetting that his comments had been broadcast to thousands of viewers at home.

After an awkward silence, Network 10, and later Bailey, apologised for the remark.

“I don’t swear that often,” he told reporters after the match.

“I apologised when I came off the field. If it’s a word anyone hasn’t heard, I would be surprised.”

Bailey’s momentary slip of the tongue quickly sparked a mixed reaction on social media.


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