Desperately Young At Heart, MFF 2014

Published in Buzzcuts:

Outrageously original and hilarious, Desperately Young At Heart is a performance spectacle that will leave you giddy with happiness long after you have seen it.

A one man cabaret show, operatic baritone Robert Hofmann introduces us to a vast array of colourful characters – Dr Kay Overit, singing teacher and key-note speaker; Helmut Wunderlicher, a singer turned relationship counsellor; Susan Higgins, a devoted Christian musician, and last but not least, Sister Maureen Virgilious, an opera singer who became a nun to escape the bitchiness of the show biz world.

This is a show that stands testament to the notion that quality is always more important than quantity, because while there wasn’t much happening on stage in terms of props or pretty lighting, the content and characters were absolute quality, leaving the audience only wanting more and more.

Hofmann is definitely a force to be reckoned with – his vocals were so on point it was practically perfection, making the entire show enjoyable from beginning to end.  The character transitions were also short and sweet, with Hofmann changing on stage and defining his character through accents, diction and voice.

While every character was certainly memorable, major props should be given to Susan Higgins and Sister Maureen Virgilious, who had the entire audience in tears with laughter. Hofmann’s ability to maintain the actor-audience relationship was very strong indeed, imploring many times for us to join in the singing and even having one of Sister Maureen’s student give a sexy lap dance for a special audience member that was chosen on the night.

Another memorable scene was when Susan encourages the audience to sing along with her but grows jealous when someone outshines her, ripping away the tambourine she gave before she makes a point that we are here to “praise the Lord, not show off”.

Overall, it was a cabaret performance that will appeal to all adults in any age group, especially considering the amount of sexual innuendoes present, along with the fact that the show is set around a teaching conference that is abbreviated to “I CUM ON BREASTS”. With an abbreviation like that, you know you’re in for a wild night.


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