Desigual opens at Melbourne’s Strand Arcade

Published in The F:

By Aleczander Gamboa. 

If you’re looking for a pop of colour to add to your wardrobe, then set your eyes on Desigual, Spain’s global fashion label renowned for its colourful and vibrant collections.

Located in The Strand Melbourne, the launch also coincides with the unveiling of their latest collection called “L Line” – a series of distinct clothing that caters to women of all ages and sizes. The line was recently shown in New York Fashion Week, and Melbourne is one of the first Australian cities to gain access to it.

Desigual is one of the biggest names in women’s fashion at the moment and for good reason too. With over 425 stores across the world with international supermodel Adriana Lima as the face of the brand, they are renowned for empowering women by creating fun and fresh clothing.

Each of the clothes also features a positive and enthusiastic message about life and love, which perfectly complements their motto of “La Vida es Chula” which is Spanish for “life is cool”. So in saying that, they really know how to make you feel special and fabulous.

Desigual is brought to Melbourne by Australian company Edwards Imports with plans to roll out the rest of the brand across all major Australian cities in 2015.

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