On Track @ Whitehouse Institute of Design

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By Aleczander Gamboa. 

In collaboration with headspace, Australia’s leading organisation in addressing youth mental health,Whitehouse Institute of Design launched the 2014 On Track charity event, aimed to highlight the importance of speaking up and seeking help when dealing with a mental health issue.

Organised by the third year Styling and Creative Direction students, the charity event has been a huge success in the past, with up to $7000 raised and over 300 guests in attendance when it first launched in 2011. Since then, the stakes have been raised higher and higher, with funds rising up to at least $40,000 by 2013.

To increase further awareness about mental health, the ground floor where the event was held was transformed into a running track with hurdles which would not only act as the runway for the unique fashion show, but also symbolised the hardships and many obstacles mentally ill youth must endure and overcome on a daily basis.

Along with live entertainment, dances, art auctions and intriguing pop up shops, it’s safe to say the night was a massive success and Whitehouse’s aim to reduce the stigma surrounding the conversations of mental health has been well achieved. The runway was nothing short of spectacular – exuding a sporty feel to complement the running track, the clothes ranged from simple and chic to downright perplexing (but in a good way). The visors that all the models were an interesting final touch, and the paper-made sport equipment made for a good laugh but still emphasised the consistent sporty theme nonetheless.

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 1

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 2

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 3

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 4

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 5

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 6

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 7

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 9

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 10

Whitehouse Institute On Track - 11



Aleczander signature




The designers featured on the night were:

Adrian Bressanutti – www.adrianbressanutti.com

Am. Xander – www.amxander.com

Article by Courtney Holm – www.articlebch.com

Ameca Calleja – www.amecacalleja.com.au

White Tusk – Website under construction (Instagram: @whitetusk)

Cadia Belante – www.c-lab.com.au/cadia-belante/

Mary and Bright – www.maryandbright.bigcartel.com

The artists featured in the art auction were:

Julia Trybala – www.cargocollective.com/juliatrybala

Bree Leeds Artistry – www.breeleedsartistry.com

Spillzay – Website under construction (Instagram: @spillzay)

Lucie Everett – www.lucieverett.com

Sarah Lowres – Website under construction (Instagram: @sarahlowres_)

Evie Cahir – www.eviecahir.com


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