3 Styling Tips Every Man Should Know

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There is no point in being good at fashion if you have no idea how to style it properly. Styling takes precision and finesse, and while it does take time and effort, we believe its better to spend that extra five or ten minutes in order to achieve that desired level of perfection. For all the modern gentlemen out there, take into account these three essential styling tips to ensure you stay ahead of your testosterone pack.


1. Belt & Suspenders

You may be surprised to know, but there are actually unwritten rules when it comes to adorning your favourite accessories. These rules are widely known as fashion faux pas. The most common one is the belt and suspenders faux pas. Combining the two on one outfit is just major overkill. Think of it this way – what are suspenders for? To hold up your pants. What are belts for? To hold up your pants. Pick one or the other, but never put the two together because that’s just counter-intuitive and makes you look plain awkward.





2. Contrast is The key

This is just as important as the first point. Wearing clothes that follow one consistent colour is like wearing a onesie – it’s looks like a one piece outfit, and should never be worn outside. The easiest way to create contrast is through the bright and dark tactic. For example, if you’re going to wear a black blazer, contrasting it with a white or red shirt – something that really pops out – will provide excellent balance. Another tip we have is about tones – do not try to get contrast with similar shaded hues. A prime example of this is black and brown, or navy and black. These combinations are too similar in tone, and makes you blend into the background instead of being the star of your own show (which is how it should be).


contrast 2



3. Choose Fitted Clothing

Remember that dreadful feeling you got when you went shopping with mum, and she would pick out clothes for you that would be three times your size? She would then proceed to tell you that you would ‘grow into it’ and while that may be true, it still doesn’t change the fact that you look like a baby when wearing clothes that are practically taller than you.

Now that you’re older and wiser (but still with much to learn!), you now have the opportunity to shop for what you want. So in saying that, we strongly propose you purchase clothes that fit well to the physical structure of your body. We’re talking shirts that actually stop at the waist, and pants that won’t drag on the floor. Bear in mind that we say fitted clothing, not tight. What’s the difference, you ask? The answer is simple – if you can’t breathe or you feel like a tree branch that can only move with the wind, it’s probably too tight.





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