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By Aleczander Gamboa. 

Technology is as much a part of my daily routine is breathing, so you can imagine how I felt when Move launched its first store in Melbourne. Located in the newly established Emporium Melbourne on Lonsdale Street, the store specialises in selling fashion inspired accessories, computers and mobile devices to consumers who want a twist of individuality and style.

Although Move prides itself on their creative fusion of fashion and electronics – ‘fashtronics’ as they like to call it – what I found particularly interesting was their collaborations with Friend in Fashion blogger Jasmin Howell, and renowned Australian designer Dion Lee, both of whom played a vital role to the creative direction of the brand.

Previously making its premiere at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Dion Lee created a limited edition of smart phone and tablet covers, designed in soft lambs leather and coated with Zircon linen. The cases were co-developed with the Move team and sold exclusively at the store.

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‘Being able to combine technology and fashion in a way that remains stylish and functional is something I’ve always wanted to achieve,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Jasmin Howell has also curated her own range of stylish products, drawing inspiration from everything that Melbourne has to offer and rightfully entitling it ‘Capture the City’, which also happens to be the store’s first theme.

When I entered Move for the first time, I instantly felt like one of the kids stepping into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, fascinated with the atmosphere and everything held within it. The entire store looked so sleek and modern. You see, everything about Move has been planned down to the tiniest detail – from the visual merchandising to the brands sold, even the colour contrasts had been carefully planned to catch the eyes of customers walking by.

Move Melbourne - THE F - 4

And when I thought it couldn’t get any cooler, I was intrigued to learn that the store itself is specifically designed to stimulate the five human senses. For example, your sense of smell is played upon with the aroma coinciding with the store’s theme which occasionally changes, while different genres of music are played during certain times of the day to pique your hearing sense and get you in the shopping mood.

But the main point of difference lies in their marketing scheme. Move does not follow the normal marketing gimmicks such as using television advertisements to persuade consumers. All their marketing is done through social media and its customers, through hashtags and online trends. To further emphasise the brand and their concept of merging fashion and electronics, all social media statuses about Move are posted on the large screens inside the store. As a result, not only does this expand their social networks but it develops a close relationship between customers and the brand, allowing for the Move to continually expand and grow in the right direction.

To stay on top of range announcements, designer collaborations and more, check out them out online

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