Henry Bucks ‘pops up’ in Melbourne

Published in The F

Henry Bucks is back at the forefront of leading mean’s fashion, making a comeback by giving their famous flagship store a new look, feel and direction.

Located on Collins Street, the newly refurbished store will exude an open and luxurious feel, without compromising the classic friendly feel that Henry Bucks is well known for. The incredible new look will now feature two floors – the ground level being a contemporary menswear hub, while downstairs housing the classic timeless collections.

In celebration of the newly upgraded store, Henry Bucks have also unveiled a pop up menswear exhibition to give us fashion lovers a little teaser of what to expect.

“Henry Bucks has been dressing worldly men of Australia for 12 years and curating the best products from around the world to suit their taste,” said Henry Bucks representative Christian Kimber.

“We believe the one thing which brings stylish people together is a quality that results from experience in the finer things in life; a worldliness that enables them to identify with a range of people and cultures.”

Upon gazing at the teaser collection, all say I can say is that Henry Bucks is definitely my new go to place for luxury wear. With an ensemble featuring casual blazers, winter coats and scarves, what really stood out was the clever symbolism that celebrated the legacy of Henry Bucks himself, featuring detailed stories of his travels across Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Melbourne and New York and what he was wearing at the time. When you know a brand is inspired by the travels and experiences of a very fashionable man, then you know you’re in good hands.

Henry Bucks is located on 320 Collins Street. For more information, go to henrybucks.com.au

Henry Bucks - THE F - 2

Henry Bucks - THE F - 6

Henry Bucks - THE F - 4

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