‘It’s us or Boral’ – western communities rally together to stop landfill expansion

Published in The Melbourne Tribune:


Hundreds of residents have joined forces in a plea for councillors to reject the expansion plan of Boral Western Landfill.

Protestors congregate the Melton Council offices to rally against the Boral expansion plan. Picture: Aleczander Gamboa

The rally came as another initiative by Stop The Tip, a campaign dedicated to preventing the expansion.

Outraged residents from the suburbs of Brimbank, Ravenhall and Melton all gathered at the Melton Council Civic Centre to voice their frustrations, with 2000 objections already having been sent to the council.

Nearby communities affected by the expansion. Picture: Supplied

Stop The Tip committee member and Deer Park resident Sean McAlpine-Jones said the aim of the rally was to raise awareness.

“We’re not trying to hurt the council by any means; we just want to show them how concerned we are about this expansion. You can’t have a tip near an area where children go to school, or where people go to prison,” he said.

“We have to stand firm and stick to our guns. The more people that know about this campaign, the more people to reject it.”

Meanwhile, former Sunshine mayor and committee spokesperson Marion Martin said that western residents had a right to live in a healthy environment, urging everyone to sign the online petition and to tell their families to do the same.

“Contact your local MP, even email them – do as much as you can. We all have to continue to fight or they will win,” she said.

If the proposal is successful, it will see the Boral Western Landfill being expanded by 179 cubic metres of tipping space, making it more than 100 times the size of the MCG and one of Australia’s largest tips.

In addition to predicted plummeting property values, residents are also concerned with the increased odour cloud that the expansion may bring to the nearby communities.

Caroline Springs resident Shagun Saini said that he was extremely worried how the expansion would impact the health of his baby son.

“We already have to deal with the odour from the current tip. It’s been harassing us for quite a while now,” he said.

“If the expansion does happen, not only will the adults suffer but so will the children. And who knows how it might impact them in 10 or 20 years?”

The proposal plan will not be finalised until May 27.


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