Geometric Print Coats Trend 2014

Published in The Trend Spotter:

As we say here at The Trend Spotter, early preparation is the key to pulling off a great look. Winter is almost upon us, and we are in touch with all the latest fashion trends for the cold months. What’s the best thing to have for Winter you ask? Coats. And lots of them!

This time, the coat trend has been revamped, with fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Valentinochanging things up by adding a subtle pop of vibrant colour through the art of geometric prints. From the looks of it, plain is out and colour is in – something that we believe was long overdue for this classic trend.

What we love about this creative update is the immense variety geometric shapes can provide. Squares, triangles, rectangles – all these kind of shapes have the ability to add a unique quirkiness to winter coats without making it look shabby or weird. Not to mention, it’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit since they not only provide you with a polished, sophisticated style but also keep you warm, healthy and happy.

geometric coats men

geometric coats men


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