VAMFF 2014 | Famous for Fashion | The Chapel Street Edition

Published in The Trend Spotter:

Set in Melbourne’s fashion capital known as Chapel Street, the Famous for Fashion runway can be summed up in three words: risqué, classy and energetic. Featuring print dresses, leather jackets and even rectangular sunglasses, this runway was nothing short of brilliant.

Jack London

The showcase began with menswear label Jack London, opening the runway with a showcase of three different outfits which all stood testament to the label’s iconic concept of short suit jackets, and narrow lapels. It was apparent that the latest collection catered for the upcoming cold months of winter – jackets and patterned shirts were prominent features along with skinny jeans and sneakers, creating an overall straight-to-the-point neat casual look that Jack London is renowned for.


Karen Millen

Karen Millen is the latest brand to embrace the emerging faux fur trend with ensemble of full fur coats and slim aviator jackets. Red and black hues were the main standouts of the showcase, presenting a variety of dresses, scarves, and shoes that displayed this universal contrast in all of its glory. Staying true to her aesthetic, Karen Millen has shown that simple and sweet are always a good combination, shining the spotlight onto clothes that looked unique but not to a point where it became obnoxious.



Gorman presented a nice change of pace to this fashion runway, focussing on the patterned trend with a fantastic collection of dresses. It was clear that they drew inspiration from the beauty of nature, with dresses patterned with vegetables, flowers, even chilli! Most of the dresses were finished with a slim belt, complementing the outfits perfectly as it expertly hugged the models’ figures whilst adding to the overall vibrancy that Gorman wanted to portray.



Fool’s latest showcase was very quirky to say the least. The majority of the collection paid much attention to block colours as opposed to an experimentation of several different hues. While that might sound bland or pedestrian, Fool pulled the concept off perfectly, instead playing around with the tones within the central colour displayed. Patterns were once again a trend that was relied upon heavily, with a presentation of polka dot stockings, striped skirts, and warm sweaters.



A known favourite in the menswear fashion world, Calibre was all class through and through, once again bringing back recognisable trends such as the sweater tied around the waist and good old short sleeved blazer.  Presenting an overall neat casual vibe, we were surprised when we immediately took notice of the cuffed jeans most of the models had adopted – this was a trend that has not been seen in quite a while! From the looks of it, it seems that Calibre is at the forefront for being a well-known trendsetter.


White Suede

Drawing inspiration from photographic imagery and architecture, White Suede was our clear favourite for the night. With dresses detailing the outstanding oceans and stunning skies, the sex appeal was turned to an all-time high with edgy mascara and accentuated fringes. This was enhanced even more by the waist high belts and sweaters tied at the hip, hugging the models’ perfect figure as they strutted down the runway with luxurious black heels. White Suede was nothing short of a visionary experience for the audience – its entire collection certainly gave off a femme fatale vibe, something that will not go unnoticed in the bustling fashion industry.


Alannah Hill

This season Alannah Hill has opted for elegant chic, presenting simple knee length dresses that can suit any woman of any age. Black and maroon were a central contrast seen throughout, along with glistening sequined and patterned material that exuded ravishing radiance. Leather gloves and long necklaces were a nice finishing touch to every piece shown, with the vibrant red shoes being a definite eye catcher as it effortlessly complemented the graceful black dresses shown.



Sweaters tied around the waist seem to be making a major comeback this year, and Autonomy is the latest menswear brand to wholeheartedly embrace the infamous 90’s fashion trend.  Taking it back to basics with a series of jackets, coats, and two-toned shirts, Autonomy’s runway celebrated Melbourne’s unique street wear culture in effortless style and panache as each outfit displayed embodied originality mixed with a distinctive taste of underground fashion.


Olga De Polga

Olga De Polga demonstrated an enthusiastic burst of creative freedom as models dressed in hypnotising and vibrant patterns took to the stage and wowed the audience.  With rainbow coloured leggings and gigantic beaded necklaces that went all the way down to the lower abdomen, the collection was reminiscent of the timeless pattern trend, this time drawing inspiration from kaleidoscope imagery and ‘hippie’ aesthetics. Contrast was a heavy element also seen in this collection – the vivacious patterns were juxtaposed with block coloured dresses and vests, creating a perfect balance between modesty and quirkiness.



The minute Shag emerged onto the runway, heads were turned, mouths were agape and iPhones were set to record. Shag is infamous for producing edgy and outspoken vintage fashion, and this night was no different. Donning a sexy leather outfit matched with a red crosshatched scarf, what struck our immediate attention were the rectangular sunglasses and padlock necklace – both accessories that have never before been seen in mainstream fashion. And the fun didn’t stop there, with the next showcase being a hybrid of Scottish culture and punk rock. With combinations featuring kilts, paired with cowboy boots, multi material half shouldered t-shirts and even ponchos, the entire collection itself presented Shag’s rebellious statement to what we considered normal. It was clear that the Melbourne based label wished to diverge from the pedestrian and conventional by presenting a clothes that encapsulated vintage wear with a bang of independence and distaste for conformity.


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