Toys To The World

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By Aleczander Gamboa. 

Toy bears are getting an extreme makeover in the Toy to the World Project, an exhibition created by Pencilneck Productions to raise funds for the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC). More than 60 artists from around the country have lent their support and put their creative minds to the test as they attempted to bring unique life to each blank vinyl bear they were given.

The result? 80 one-off handmade custom designed toys, ranging from dark fairy-tale renditions to intricately detailed elegance.

This year, pieces from artists such as DEV, Will Coles, Kaitlyn Beckett and many more have been featured, along with returning artists Drewfunk, Mishap and Sim2.

The range in the project was very extensive – from bears depicting insides of the human body, a headless horseman, even to a bear that was simply very well endowed.  Nonetheless, the entire exhibition was quite intriguing to say the least, as it was fascinating seeing something that was meant to be cute and cuddly become a detailed artwork of interpretive symbolism.

To spice up the competition and the funds raised, each of the toy bears will be available for purchase through an online auction. To get your hands on these exclusive goodies, log onto Buddybid and follow the prompts.

Toys to the World 1


Toys to the World 2Toys to the World 3

Toys to the World 4

Toys to the World 5

Toys to the World 6

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