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We believe that our hairstyles are a reflection of our individual fashion sense. It’s an unwritten rule that our outfit needs to be planned beforehand regardless of the occasion, and that goes without saying that the same should apply to our hair as well.

So if you’re browsing this site hoping to gain inspiration on the latest men’s hairstyle trends, then look no further as we have compiled a celebrity inspired trend guide detailing some of the best hairstyles we’ve seen, ensuring that you and your gorgeous new hairdo will be the centre of attention.

The Clean Cut Style

Celebrity example: Leonardo DiCaprio 
Leonardo Dicaprio Hairstyle Trends

This timeless look has re-gained popularity after Leonardo DiCaprio’s  “The Great Gatsby” debut. Great with any formal occasion, the clean-cut style especially works when the event requires you to wear a suit and tie. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles out there, but also one of the easiest hairdos to create.
For a formal occasion, we recommend two styles: the hair split, or if you’re really feeling adventurous, the full slick back hairdo (recommendation for those with long hair).

hair products trends

Products: In order to pull off this hairstyle, you need to have two things: a comb and product that produces a shiny look. American Crew Grooming Cream or American Crew Styling Gel are the perfect candidates for this, because not only do they give your hair a glossy shine, it also doesn’t become a greasy mess by the end of the day. If you happen to be working under a budget, then Garnier Fructis Wet Shine Gel is another good alternative.

To maintain the shine, finish it off with some hairspray like Caviar Anti-Aging Extra Hold Hairspray.

The Casual Style

Celebrity example: Adam Levine
Adam Levine hair

We like to call this hairdo the ‘bed hair’ look, simply because it looks like you got out of bed, stared at the mirror and already called it a day. However that being said, it’s actually not a bad look. Exuding a relaxed feel, it’s the ideal hair style for any laid-back event. Here are some more examples.

hair products trends

Products:  You need to highlight the smooth texture of your hair, and in order to do that, using a copious amount of hair spray is an absolute must.  Products like TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray or Tony & Guy Creative Firm Hold Hairspray or Kerastase Resistance Double Force Hairspray are highly recommended as they provide a matte finish which is exactly what we want (remember it has to look like you’ve done no styling whatsoever!)

The Undercut Style

Celebrity example: Macklemore (Ben Haggerty)
Mackelmore Ben Haggerty

The fully shaved hairdo is now a thing of the past, with mohawks and undercut fades taking the fashion world by storm. A relatively new trend compared to others, this kind of hairstyle is more suited towards casual occasions rather than formal.

Get the look: It’s more about the hair cut rather than the kind of products you have to use to maintain it. Start by having a close shave (preferably #1 or #2) all around the back and the sides. The middle should not be tampered with unless it is extremely long, which in that case a quick cut might be in order. If you want the undercut fade to look more natural, the shaved hair should be about 2” or 3” inches from the hairline, with anything above that either trimmed or left as is to give the seamless transition from long to short shaved hair.


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  1. I like the clean cut style the most because oft Leonardo DiCaprio ^^

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