Scarves for Men | Street Style Trend Inspiration

Published in The Trend Spotter:

Scarves for men have been considered the most intriguing trend ever. Why? Because when you think about it, it’s literally just a simple rectangular piece of fabric. That being said however, this revolutionary accessory has been redeveloped over the years, with scarves evolving into a fashion statement rather than an economic tool to warm us up during the winter months. We now have so many styles of scarves that they can be used to complement any outfit in any kind of weather. Depending on the brand, scarves can either be cheap or extremely expensive, despite all of them serving the same purpose.

Large Scarves

These kind of chunky scarves are the perfect fashion accessories for winter. Due to their sheer thickness, it’s an obvious fact that you cannot tie these bad boys with the normal loop method, so it’s time to experiment. We recommend simply draping them over your shoulders or throwing one end behind you, that way it still highlights your fashion ensemble as a whole rather than detracting from it because everyone is staring at its enormous size. While large scarves are generally used in darker colours, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the brighter ones, especially if you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe.

Scarves for Men | Street Style Trend Inspiration

Statement Patterned Scarves

If you feel like something is missing with your outfit, a scarf is always a great addition to consider. That being said, if you already are wearing printed clothes, then perhaps a plain scarf would be a better choice. But if your clothes are all in one solid colour, then patterned scarves is the way to go.

There are a plethora of patterns to choose from including checks, cross hatch, striped – whatever style of scarf you think of, it has most likely already been produced. As a result, patterned scarves are ideal for any season. You can team them up with anything from denim jackets to sweaters, and coats. And if runways have taught us anything, it has shown us that scarves look absolutely astounding with blazers, transforming an entire outfit from being formal to being downright sophisticated and sexy.

Scarves for Men Street Style Trend 2014


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