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Renowned for its flexible durability, denim took the fashion world by storm when designer Levi Strauss produced the first ever denim clothing for men and women. Still a cult favourite today, the classic look has not diminished in popularity, with major labels such as Balmain and Topman taking it back to basics by bringing back the iconic double denim wear back to style. Clearly, denim is going to be a trend that will never leave.

We think we speak for most men when we say that denim (especially jeans) are going to be the most versatile piece of clothing that we will ever own in our entire lives. They can practically be used anywhere – at home, during work, walking the dog – the possibilities are endless. That being said however, it is important to remember that there is a time and place for everything, including fashion. For example, while wearing overly baggy jeans can be appropriate for a backyard BBQ, it’s practically forbidden for dates or a night out with friends. A similar notion even applies to double denim – although wearing the combination with the same colour scheme and fabric might be okay for a seven year old, it’s undeniably a big no-no when you’re older.

So since denim is a trend that is definitely here to stay, TheTrendSpotter have come to the rescue with this impeccable styling guide on how to wear anything denim and look awesome.

Pick a label and make it your favourite

This is the most important advice that can be given with jeans. It may surprise you, but finding the right pair that fits your body perfectly is going to be an arduous journey. A good place to start is by finding a fashion label that matches your taste. One of our personal favourite is the label called ‘yd’ as it has a style to fit any body shape and personality. They even have ‘twisted jeans’ that specifically twist and wrap around your legs as you wear them, which we found incredibly fascinating. There are many types of jeans and it can be a little confusing. Having a favourite label will make it easier for you to pick the right type for your body. All labels have different guidelines for sizes and styles, so by sticking with one label you’re saving yourself a lot of time instead of floating from one brand to another and having to constantly re-familiarise yourself.

Menswear Denim Trends I Jeans‏Menswear Denim Trends I Jeans‏

Occasion is the key

One of the best characteristics of jeans is the fact that there are so many styles to choose from. However, it’s all in the occasion. You need pick jeans that will suit the kind of physical endurance you are going to pursue throughout the day. A formal event should reveal a more refined side of you, and your jeans should help complement that. In this case, comfortable/straight is out, and skinny/slim jeans are in. Black and dark denim is highly recommended. Pair this with some nice dress shoes and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Menswear Denim Trends

But on the other hand, if the occasion is something casual like grocery shopping or walking in the park, then it’s the other way around with comfortable straight jeans being the preferred. Make sure it has deep pockets for essentials such as wallets, phones and keys, and always test out how well you can move in them. It’s nice to accompany it with a different coloured belt because not only will it show how versatile the jeans are with colour combinations, but it ensures that they won’t accidentally drop down in public which is always a plus!

Get the casual look

Menswear Denim Trends

Double Denim

Contrast colour schemes

The monochrome look is slowly fading, and the easiest way to pull off the double denim look is by having two different colour schemes that contrast each other. A common combination is a black jacket and blue washed out jeans or vice versa. Contrasting denim is now even easier to do since pastel coloured jeans are becoming an increasingly popular trend in the market.

In order to execute this properly, it is vital that whatever you wear underneath gives out a pop of colour. White is always a safe choice, but a grey, emerald, or cerulean shirt or t-shirt would be a much better option. Other colours to consider could be yellow, orange, purple and limeade just to name a few. This can even be applied to the colour of your shoes and other accessories (eg: gloves, scarves etc.) for further colour scheme balance.

Menswear Denim Trends

Experiment with fabrics

The key to this is to draw attention away from the fact that both denim clothes are similar fabrics. Fashion is about looking good and feeling fabulous, it’s also about having fun. If you’re into the really casual and rugged look, then faded washouts or tattered denim fabrics are the way to go. Bonded denim is making a comeback to the scene, and because of its unique construction; it’s a great way to experiment with colours. With this kind of fabric, try to pick out styles where the colour contrast can be highlighted.

Menswear Denim Trends


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