My Interning Life: Aleczander Gamboa

I’ve been featured on My Interning Life.

This week’s featured intern is aspiring editor, Aleczander Gamboa. I remember meeting Aleczander back in April of 2013 at the inaugural My Interning Life event and the conversation we had about getting started with interning. I’m happy to say that eight months later, Aleczander has done several internships and learnt plenty about the media industry along the way. Profile Photo

Aleczander shares his interning journey so far…

Before I decided to study journalism and public relations, I was well aware of how competitive it was to get your foot in the door in both fields. I had heard all the stories about how cut throat the industries were, and how journalism was even considered a ‘dying career’. But I continued to remain positive.

I had never really considered undertaking internships so early in my first year of university before, but when I attended a networking event hosted by Aubrey Hamlett, the creator of ‘My Interning Life’, it finally dawned on me just how important work experience was. After hearing about all the amazing experiences from other interns, I felt inspired to put myself out there and decided that the earlier I started the better. Thus, I put forward a long term goal of trying to achieve three completed internships per year, hopefully having it total up to nine by the time I finished my degree.

My first internship was being a public relations intern for Blue Planet Public Relations, a boutique agency that oversaw the Oz Comic Con Convention. Though a brief internship, I can honestly say I have never worked so hard in my life. From the minute I started I was given an array of tasks to do, including assisting the managing director with confirming cosplay appearances to coincide with the Sunrise weather report, as well as monitoring all forms of social media and thinking of creative ways to garner interest and publicity for the event. In addition to those, I was also given the duty of coordinating interview times with talent, and being on hand to provide guidance for all the media and special convention guests. While it wasn’t planned, I even dabbled in crisis management, where the other interns and I, along with the managing director, had to hunt down a journalist that may have taken compromising footage of one of the celebrity guests. Overall, the experience was absolutely terrific, and during my time there I had learned a vast variety of skills I never even knew I had, whilst creating new friendships with the other interns.

The second internship was quite the opposite. I was an editorial intern for Universal Magazines, and while it wasn’t as fast paced as my PR internship, I was able to hone my writing skills and learn about how strict and important deadlines really were in the magazine industry. Working alongside two editors and writing for a variety of their magazines including Poolside and Complete Wedding Melbourne, I completed advertorials for clients, liaised with media contacts and learned about magazine paginations and search engine optimisation (SEO). I even had to write an article about how to choose the right wedding bouquet and how to have a great hens and bucks night. Although I never thought I would be writing about such topics, it was nonetheless a rewarding experience. As they say, you never know what interests you until you try, and now I’m obsessed with pools and wedding planning.

My current internship at the moment is being a journalism intern forArtshub, an online news publication that reports on visual arts, film, music and theatre. This position has taught me the lesson that journalists never actually stop working. When a news story breaks out, every single news platform in Australia competes to be the first ones to report on the event. So far, my time there has definitely shown me how hands-on journalism really is, and how you need to be willing to drop everything planned for the day to be the first one to get the latest scoop.

Aleczander shares his advice:

The media industry is tough, so keep your eyes peeled for any opportunities, and always have a go even if the chances of obtaining the internship are slim to none. The worst they can say to you is ‘no’, but take into account that at least you tried. Attend networking events because you never know who you might meet, whether that be another intern enthusiast or even an employer. Also, get yourself your own business card – that way employers know how to keep in touch with you after you have finished your internship with them. Best of luck.

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