TOMS x Tabitha Simmons

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By Aleczander Gamboa

Whenever I hear the word “collaboration”, I always get tingles running down my spine. That’s because it means the beginning of a new partnership between two powerhouses as they join forces to create an exclusive collection that not only exudes stylish modernity, but also presents a new perspective on the evolving world of fashion. US based brand TOMS and their latest collaboration with designer Tabitha Simmons is no different to this notion, with their latest collection of shoes signaturing her hallmark stripes and bringing a playful chic accent to the iconic desert wedge and alpargata shoes.

For those of who are either curious about the brand or have never heard of it before, TOMS is an abbreviation for “Tomorrow’s Shoes”. Founded in 2006 by American traveller Blake Mycoskie, he was inspired to create the brand after he witnessed extreme poverty and hardship during a trip to Argentina. What baffled him the most however was that many of the children did not own any shoes, and it was from there that he recognised the traditional alpargata shoe as revolutionary, later deciding to reinvent the style for the US market with one simple goal in mind: to show how together we can create a better tomorrow by taking a compassionate action today. Hence the slogan “One for One” – for every pair of TOMS shoes that you purchase, another pair of new shoes will be given to a child in need.

Renowned for their combined use of exceptional materials and artful design, the collaboration with Tabitha Simmons is a first ever for the unique brand. A British Fashion Award Winner and a Vogue UK contributing editor, Tabitha Simmons is a household name, rising up to success after winning the ‘Launch of the Year Award’ back in 2009 with her first collection. So with that being said, she is the very definition of style, and TOMS could not have picked a better candidate to work with for their new collection of shoes.

“I have been a long-time admirer of TOMS’ charitable mission. I wanted to marry my aesthetic with the signature styles TOMS’ fans cherish to create a product we could all be proud of,” she said.

Personally what I love about the new range is the way simplicity meets elegance. The luminous red striped design gives off a quirky vibe that not only pays homage to Argentina and their terrific fashion sense, but also presenting a new modern take on the iconic style that is sure to fit well with the increasing trend of eccentric and colourful Australian fashion. Also not to mention the fact that you can say goodbye to guilty shopping because you know you’re helping someone in need when purchasing from them!

The TOMS x Tabitha Simmons collection is exclusive to Australia, and is available for purchase atGrace boutique in Melbourne. To view the rest of the of the TOMS range, visit their online store.








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