Art exhibition pays tribute to Jeffrey Smart

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Art exhibition pays tribute to Jeffrey SmartImage: Night Stop Bombay 1981 by Jeffrey Smart.

Hosted by Sydney University Art Gallery, Jeffrey Smart 1921-2013: Recondita Armonia Strange Harmonies of Contrast, pays homage to the iconic Australian artist who was renowned for his straight lines, bright colours and self criticism.

Including both private and public collections created by Smart, audiences will be given the opportunity to witness his final work Labyrinth, a rarely seen painting that rejected his use of the hard-edged lines that made him a household name in the Australian art industry – the painting eventually becoming an anti-thesis as he returned to the softer brush strokes of his earlier years.

Jeffrey Smart’s final artwork, Labyrinth

Curator of the exhibition and long time friend David Malouf said he met Smart in Tuscany while living there in 1978, and upon meeting him was immediately intrigued by his unique artistic style. Despite the exhibition focusing on Smart’s entire line of works, Malouf personally believes his most inventive period were between 1967 and 1987.

‘As early as Cahill Expressway (1962) he discovers the poetry of highways,’ he said.

‘But it is when he settles in Italy the following year that the landscape of passage and destination emerges as a preoccupation that will make the world uniquely his own. When he goes to Italy he finds all the necessary objects and relationships to become the painter he wants to be.’

The exhibition will be open from 2 November to 7 March 2014. Further details are below.


Jeffrey Smart 1921-2013: Recondita Armonia -Strange Harmonies of Contrast

David Malouf

University Art Gallery, War Memorial Arch, northern end of the Quadrangle, University of Sydney


City Rd, Darlington NSW 2008

2 November to 7 March 2014



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