DancED program aimed to connect education with professional dance

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DancED programme aimed to connect education with professional dance

Aspiring professional dancers will be pleased to hear about DancED, a new national initiative aimed to connect schools, teachers, students and graduates to professional dancers, offering extensive insight and various opportunities for them to break into the competitive industry.

The comprehensive program will include a vast array of intensive workshops, tutorials and theatre based productions intended to train advanced dance students and emerging professionals, along with education development seminars for teachers wishing to further development their knowledge and expertise about the creative art.

The DancED initiative will also incorporate Sydney Dance Company’s popular holiday program, which boasts more than 10,000 intakes to take part in master classes with some of Australia’s most renowned dance teachers and choreographers.

Sydney Dance Company Executive Director Anne Dunn believes that DancED is a breath of fresh air for those struggling to make an impact in the cut-throat industry, and says that it will play a pivotal role in continuing to inspire potential and aspiring dancers of all ages.

‘Every child in Australia should be given the opportunity to engage with dance and develop an understanding of an art form. We know from ABS statistics that dance already enriches the lives of many young people,’ she said.

‘I’m looking forward to the growth of this initiative in future years, and to helping build a strong foundation for informed young audiences and for the young Australian dancers of the future.’

Rehearsal for Cootamundra. Photo:Peter Greig

But that isn’t all, as Sydney Dance Company will also open their Primary School Matinee program – just one of the latest strings in the new initiative. Along with a pre talk show from Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela and a Q&A session with leading dance practitioners, the matinee program hopes to inspire those experiencing dance for the very first time.

Secondary school students will be offered workshops and ‘Sneak Peek’ events as part of the company’s 2014 Touring program, giving them a sense of how a dance production is set up and what the life of a professional dancer entails.

For tertiary students, Sydney Dance Company will premiere a full time Pre-Professional training course next year, with emerging dancers gaining the opportunity to grow in an intensive dance environment, honing their artistic skills and techniques under the tutelage of reputed choreographers.

Founded by Suzanne Musitz in 1969. the Sydney Dance Company has become Australia’s most reputed institution for contemporary dance, having previously launched the careers of successful Australian dancers and choreographers such as Gideon Obarzanek, founder of dance company Chunky Move, and Stephen Page, artistic director of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

For more information about the DancED program and booking conditions, go to

Image: SDC dancers during open rehearsal for Les Illuminations. 

(Photo courtesy: Cynthia Sciberras)


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