Two way tunnel proposal to ease overcrowding (Online)

Plans for the development of a two way tunnel are currently underway to ease train congestion in Melbourne, as overcrowding hits an all time high.

North Melbourne train station
North Melbourne train station

Overcrowding on public transport has hit an all time high in Melbourne, with new plans underway to construct a two way tunnel to ease traffic train congestion.

The new tunnel would connect the two biggest railway groups in Melbourne, the Caufield group and the North Melbourne and Footscray group, reducing congestion and overcrowding as the two way tunnel would double the train capacity to improve frequency and efficiency.

Approximately 40 per cent of Victorian jobs are located in Melbourne’s CBD and its inner suburbs, with the City of Melbourne expecting a major increase of 110,000 more jobs by 2030.

Monash University Chair of Public Transport, Professor Graham Currie said that the proposed plan would provide many localised benefits to the public.

“Over the last 15 years, patronage has increased by 100%, which is gigantic growth. In particular, a lot of it is being driven by the CBD. Not only has their been growth in employment in the CBD area, there has been a growth in the share of people that travel there by public transport, so cars are getting less popular,” he said.

“The Metro carries about the same demand as four Westgate Freeways in the peak. This new development makes a lot of sense because they are the ones growing.”

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