Update: Interning and life so far…

So I’ll be honest. I completely forgot I had a wordpress account until today when we were asked to create one for our university assignments. Hence everything being published in one day.

It seems that the last update I made about myself was when I first made the thing, so I thought I would write a quick update now (instead of doing homework, but hey, that’s university life when you’re practically comatose and in need of another coffee)

Looking back, I’d say my life has been quite eventful. I’ve become obsessed with internships, currently doing my third internship with artsHub, a place that focuses on arts and culture reporting. I also interned with Universal Magazines and even dabbled in PR for the Oz Comic Con Convention. I’d say that’s pretty good for a first year student!

Working with Blue Planet PR was an amazing experience for me. It was my very first official internship, so it will always have a special place in my heart. I remembered when I applied for the position, praying that someone, anyone would just give me a chance. I was so happy with glee when they asked me to be part of the Blue Planet PR team. Overall, I was surprised with the internship to say the least, because I had never done a lot of PR before. It’s fast paced let me tell you. But really though, it opened up the interesting world of PR for me, and I absolutely loved it. It also helped that my supervisors, Sophie and Alana, were two of the most amazing and organised people I have ever met.

Straight after my internship with them, I interned with Universal Magazines, working in their editorial department. While it wasn’t glitz and glamour like in the Devil Wears Prada  (but let’s be honest, no workplace is actually like that. Damn you Hollywood for creating unrealistic standards!), I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My editors and supervisors, Kate and Danielle, were great to work with. I never thought I would be writing about weddings and exterior/interior design, but life seems to always take you on an unexpected path of self discovery.

Now I’m interning as an editorial intern at artsHub – which I will post about soon.

In relation to my personal life, well that’s the same as how it was before. A little more problematic and tumultuous, but I try to take it one day at a time. Hopefully that doesn’t drive me to insanity.

Other than that, another cool thing that has happened to me is that I now have a penpal from the US. His name is Tyler, and he is awesome.


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