The Hens & Bucks Guide

Published in Complete Wedding:

29 July 2013 – From the pages of CWM 37

At a glance

Planning for a Hens and Bucks night.
  • Plan the night beforehand
  • Consider everyone’s age group
  • Designate roles to everyone in the group
  • Take plenty of photos
  • Have fun!

A bachelor and bachelorette party is a rite of passage for any bride and groom. It is to signify their last night of freedom before marriage, so make sure it’ll be a fun night to remember! Remember these essential dos and don’ts to ensure they both make it to their wedding unscathed.

The Bucks Night: DO’S

1.    Have plans beforehand – Saying, “we’ll figure it out when we get there” may sound like a good plan for a Friday night, but using it as the basis for the groom’s last night out as a single man is a recipe for disaster. Make notes about where you will be going, what you will be doing, and a proposed beginning and end time. You could have a relaxing BBQ, or better yet, a poker night or a road trip. Tailor the night to the groom.
2.    Take as many photos as you can – Since this is their last night to be single, chances are the groom is going to want photos to commemorate the event. The earlier the better, so try to take photos early into the night rather than later when you can forget.
3.    Make sure the groom is the centre of attention – Contrary to what the groom might say, it is their night so make sure they remember it! Wherever you go, he should be the guest of honour. Try and make him wear something that will single him out as the groom in the group, some ideas could include putting him in an outrageous costume, or wearing a simple sash that says, “groom to be”.

The Bucks Night: DON’TS

1.    Post raunchy updates of the night online – The last thing you want is an upset bride, a groom left at the altar and a wedding that ends in shambles simply because she might have misinterpreted a photo posted online. Due to the evolution of social media nowadays, it is very easy for a photo to become viral in minutes. Make someone in charge of photography and inform everyone that they will be available through email as soon as possible so they can leave their smart phones in their pockets where they belong.  
2.    Exclude older family or friends – Try to cater the night not only for the groom, but also for everyone that is celebrating alongside him. If his great grandfather or older uncles are going to be there, perhaps a pub-crawl is not the best idea. At the very least, give them an escape plan beforehand so they can avoid the wild antics.

The Hen’s Night: DO’S

1.    Have a budget – Nobody likes a nagger, so constantly asking someone to pay their end of the night while at the same time making sure everything is to the bride’s liking will be overkill for you. Save yourself the headache by making someone in charge of all the funds, and giving everyone an estimate as to how much they would be spending on the bride to avoid any petty money dramas. 
2.    Try to surprise her – Anticipation can only make the bride more excited, so only give her tiny details about the night while keeping the rest a secret. But keep the others in the loop to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you think one specific person might spill the details, only give her little snippets as well.
3.    Prepare for the next day – Do not only plan the Hen’s night, have a plan of action for the next day as well. Have the essential supplies all at hand: bottled waters, paracetamol tablets, berocca, and band aids. If the night was as fun as you planned it to be, chances are the bride is not going to the only one that needs them!

The Hen’s Night: DON’TS

1.    Plan the night before – You do not want months of wedding planning to go down the drain because the bride was too hung over or tired from a big night out to show up. Your plan for the night should be as detailed as it can be, from where you are going, to who will be there and what kind of activities you will be doing.
2.    Let the bride get ahead of herself – While it is an evening in their honour, do not let the night get out of hand. If she wants to have shots, give her a set limit because most likely shots are not going to be the only thing she will consume throughout the night. Keep a close eye on her, because if she loses all her inhibitions, she may sneak off with another man! Make sure the bride gets back home safe and sound.
3.    Plan anything that would make the bride uncomfortable – Certainly have activities where everyone can have fun, but do not have any games, quizzes, or pranks that could potentially humiliate and embarrass the guest of honour. Remember, she wants a night that she can look back upon later and smile fondly at the amazing memories.
This article was published in Complete Wedding magazine. Complete Wedding is the comprehensive bi-annual wedding guide for anyone getting married in Sydney, Melbourne or Queensland. Complete Wedding delivers complete wedding information in an easy-to-use format.

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