LGBTI Election Forum 2013 (Radio)

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Transcript (below):

LGBTI Election Forum

– Saturday August 31st 


Representatives of the major political parties have attended an election forum today to discuss issues affecting the gay and lesbian community, ahead of the upcoming election.

Organised by the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, the event saw Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus attend on behalf of Labor, Higgins MP Kelly O’Dwyer representing the Liberal party and Melbourne MP Adam Bandt attending for the Greens.

Jamie Gardiner, the secretary of the ALP’s LGBTI Policy Committee, says that the forum was important as the responses from the parties will influence who the public will vote for.

“…they can propagate that information to their friends, families and relations, and the accounts of reporting of the forum will also go wider, and feed into other people’s decision making when they make up their mind at the ballot box.”

Members of the parties were asked to respond to a variety of LGBTI issues including intersex health, foreign affairs and LGBTI asylum seeker rights. Out of all the issues addressed, marriage equality remained to be a hot topic.

Greg Adkins, the executive director of the Anti-Violence Project Victoria, says that marriage equality is an essential step towards the progress of a society free of homophobia and other prejudices.

“…its equality of opportunity under our laws, so we don’t have laws that apply differently for different people, we have laws that are the same for everyone.”

Victorians will commence voting for their preferred government on September 7.

Aleczander Gamboa, reporting for MOJO news.


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