Update: The transition to adulthood

So starting from today, I have officially survived one week of university. The transition so far has been pretty smooth…except for the fact that travelling to Monash from the west side on an everyday basis can be a complete and utter nightmare. I don’t know how many times I’ve ran from the station to get to my lecture/tutorial on time (I’m such a ‘jaffy’ [aka just another fucking first year]).

What strikes me the most about university is the completely different environment you get put in. Definitely, it’s no longer high school, so that means no more drama (although drama seems to follow me like a plague so I’ll have to see how I go) and no more boring routines. Granted, on the off days, some lectures and tutorials can be slightly tedious, but for the most part, I’m really enjoying the freedom this new environment has to offer me. As I’m typing this now, I literally have four hours to kill before my journalism tutorial.

There are a plethora of clubs offered at uni, and currently I’ve joined the Arts Society, Journalism Club, Volleyball Club and I plan on being a regular contributor to the student magazine offered on campus. It’s kind of my first step into embarking on the footpath of my career, and at the same time, I just really want to have the full university experience. The people you meet here are great as well – since nearly everyone I have met is a first year like myself, I find it quite nice to put myself out there and introduce myself. In addition, many of the people I have met share like minded ideals and goals, so conversations seem to flow a lot easier since you have many things to talk about.

Technically, this is now my second week of university, and thus far, I’m loving all of it (except the travel time). One thing I really crave in my life right now is independence, and university offers just that. I mean, studying is essential, but I also get to go to parties and have fun more frequently. I’m free to do what I want, and be given a chance to think and make decisions for myself. Hopefully at the end, leaving my fate in the hands of a coin toss will work in my favour.


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